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Get The Most Out Of Your Rhino Deck With These Helpful Hints

Your Rhino Deck will last you for decades to come. On this page, learn helpful hints to help you get the longest life possible from your Rhino Deck products.

Exclusively Use Rhino Deck Products

For maximum durability and the longest life, install your entire deck using Rhino Deck products. This will ensure that you have the most consistent strength and quality throughout your whole deck. Feel safe and secure knowing that you used only the best. Use all Rhino Deck.

Install Under The Best Conditions

Even though Rhino Deck is a composite material, made from recycled woods and plastics, it still reacts to environmental and temperature variations. For optimum performance, install your Rhino Deck at a temperate (not extreme) time of year.

Your spacing is also of utmost importance. Your gap and end joints should be installed with spacing allowing 1/16" for every 20 degrees of difference between installation temperature and the hottest average temperature expected in your area. For optimal moisture absorption and drainage, leave 1/4" gap between the sides of boards.

Can I Use Regular Deck Screws?

We recommend using high quality deck screws. Use at least a #8, 2 1/4" screw or longer. Pre-drill your deck boards (not stringers or joists) to prevent board ends from splitting. We also recommend carbide cutting tools to install your Rhino Deck.

Handling Your Rhino Deck Products

Rhino Deck acts very similarly to wood, but is a heavier product. Use care when lifting Rhino Deck products, and store flat until ready for installation. Support your Rhino Deck every two feet when storing.

Show Us What You Did!

We want to see your finished Rhino Deck project! Send your color photo to:

Master Mark Plastics
Marketing Department
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